Why a rent-to-own option?

As an alternative to traditional homebuying deals, rent-to-own offers you unparalleled advantages while you're still living in the property as the actual tenant.

Advantages of a rent-to-own option 


Those who cannot qualify for a loan due to bad credit can get into a rent-to-own agreement anytime, and fulfill their homeownership dreams effectively.  


Home prices are increasing every year, but those who get a rent-to-own option can buy at today's price, making the whole process much easier. 

Confirmation Test 

You'll be able to live in the property and learn about any issues with the community or the actual house, all before buying it. 


Tenants do not build any type of equity, but a rent-to-own option fixes that issue. All by helping you accumulate a substantial sum that (over time) will be used to buy your next home. 


How do rent-to-own options work? 

  • The tenant and seller establish the terms of the contract.
  • Then, they agree on the final purchase price and monthly rent.
  • The tenant receives confirmation and starts living in the property as the exclusive buyer.
  • Once the total amount has been paid in full, the buyer becomes the new homeowner. 

What our clients are saying 

We’re more than proud to help thousands of families all over the U.S., we want to be that helping hand for you too. 

We're so happy to help hard-working families all over the country, this time and with the help of our associate Emily Snellgrove, the Scott family can proudly say they are the owners of a beautiful property in South Florida..

Our partners 

Alliances we’ve built over the years, long-lasting relationships that will help us assist you in all 50 states, and more. 

Get the option, the right option.

Rent-to-own is one of the best financial measures you can take, its flexibility and transparency is getting new supporters every year, and we’re happy to say we’ve helped so many, now it’s your turn.

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