More than 500 foreclosure homes are up in the market every day.

A door has been opened, now is your chance to become a homeowner, and we’ll make it easier.
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A door has been opened, now is your chance to become a homeowner, and we’ll make it easier.

Advantages of buying with AFTHA 

Professional support

Lower and middle-income families can get quicker access to homeownership since buyers need less money upfront.


Since most loans have down-payment requirements, these types of programs can help you get up to $44,000 in advance, making everything easier.


On their first mortgage a DPA program can qualify buyers for a lower interest rate, all by reducing any risk of default.

And more

If the home will be your primary residence (for the next 5 years), most of these programs are forgivable.

What our clients are saying 

We’re more than proud to help thousands of families all over the U.S., we want to be that helping hand for you too. 

We're so happy to help hard-working families all over the country, this time and with the help of our associate Emily Snellgrove, the Scott family can proudly say they are the owners of a beautiful property in South Florida..

Our partners 

Alliances we’ve built over the years, long-lasting relationships that will help us assist you in all 50 states, and more. 

Get the deal, before anyone. 

When it comes to foreclosed properties competition is fierce, but don’t worry, our agents are the best in the business and will offer you the best chances of success, homeownership is waiting for you. 

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