These Remodeling Tips Will Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Don’t overthink, let’s do the trick. Ready to learn how?

You know it, everybody knows it, true fact is that the housing market is getting more competitive, complex and pricier. The direct consequences of such outcome are endless and very unpredictable, just ask some experts in the field and you’ll be surprised with their answers, but let’s not get discouraged by the current trend, instead let’s focus on some very interesting tricks that anyone can apply in order to receive the highest returns on investment when re-selling properties.

First, we need to know that most homebuyers are looking for simpler and affordable options, right now all the expensive houses are getting way behind in terms of selection. That’s when the trick comes in, and let me tell you that is not so far away from you, in fact you might be really close to it right now.


A Not So “X” Factor 

That’s right, it is not much of a big thing or an extraordinary surprise, this is a clear example of how many great solutions are just in plain sight for everyone to see. According to a Cost vs Value report, there are various remodeling projects that provide outstanding returns nationwide once the home is destined to be sold. These are the notorious ones:

  • Garage door replacement, ROI 98.3 percent.
  • Manufactured stone veneer, ROI 97.1 percent.
  • Entry door replacement (steel), ROI 91.3 percent.
  • Deck addition (wood), ROI 82.8 percent.
  • Minor kitchen remodel, ROI 81.1 percent. 

A garage door and a front door, is there anything more obvious? Don’t worry, I didn’t know that too. Just in case, what all this means is that you’ll get a certain percentage of what you invested in home remodeling once you sell the property in question, a very good deal for those who want to sell a home fast by making an attractive offer, without compromising the final value.

“If you spend lots of money to upgrade with the idea of selling, you may have a bit of a challenge because you’re pricing yourself out,” words from Craig Webb, editor at Remodeling Magazine.

Homeowners want to stay in their homes for so much longer than ever before, this phenomenon is mentioned in a 2018 CNBC piece, in there, journalist Diana Olick explains that an extended accommodation is very common (these days) with couples and individuals who think in the serious possibility of re-selling in the future, but in the meantime they are focusing on making their family life more comfortable.

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