The NYC Real Estate Community is Reimagining a Safe Return to Work 

New Yorkers are desperate to start the so-called “post-covid” era. 

The year 2020 is one that many people will forever remember. It was a year where people got married, moved to different cities, obtained new jobs, and went on vacations. It was a normal year for quite a few people; at least it was until one surprising health announcement.

This health announcement would revolve around COVID-19 in the middle of March. The then President of the United States, Donald Trump, would declare a mass health emergency. This is when lives would change for everyone across the world. Other leaders would also make the move and implement their respective emergency health protocols. Much of the world would go into a state of lockdown early in 2020. Many would find themselves in that state for much of 2020 and some would continue to do so in 2021.

Popular cities like New York were shaken to their very core. The City of New York saw a wide array of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. While a large portion of mortalities was in the older demographic, it still affected morale. New York, a place that is known for the city that never sleeps, had found itself in hibernation.

Those in the local and state governments quickly rose to action and implemented extreme safety precautions to ensure that the virus was kept at bay. While the virus would rage on despite the measures, it would subside over time.

The federal government would ramp up its Operation Warp Speed and start to distribute vaccines. The safety measures and other therapies eventually helped slow the spread, and the world would turn the page. Here we are, halfway through 2021, and the world is slowly getting back to normal. Here is how the NYC real estate community is helping to get back to normal.

About Two-Thirds of Manhattan Office Employees Will Go Back to the Office in September 

New York and New York City are slowly coming back to life. This resurgence and awakening is excellent news. It shows that there is an appetite for strong economic activity within the diverse state of New York.

Reports indicate that many people will go back to the workplace by the end of September, and real estate associations of all kinds are getting ready. How are they getting ready? The Real Estate Board of New York, the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations, and many other organizations are teaming up.

They have teamed up to institute guidelines that would promote safety and security with regard to the health of office workers. But they are also comprehensively looking to help employees, tenants, and even those who preserve the buildings.

The critical idea here is to ensure that everyone can move around in a safe and secure manner when getting in and out of buildings. 

Why Are These Real Estate Guidelines Beneficial? 

These real estate guidelines will help individuals know that more parties are taking responsibility and will implement safety policies and procedures.

The safety policies and procedures will help to encourage individuals to come back to work. These actions will provide protections to individuals so that they can live and work in safety. The baseline policies can help people know that they can interact, stay productive, and live in safety.

As with previous building safety protocols released by this coalition of industry leaders over the past year, these guidelines will help building owners, managers, and workers maintain appropriate health and safety protocols as the City’s economic recovery process moves forward. 

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