The Hottest Cities Offering Commercial Real Estate Investment Right Now

These cities promise ideal growth against commercial investments. Are you ready to test their potential?

Finding reliable investment opportunities in commercial real estate is not a walk in the park. From assessing the profitability of the property to getting the best deal in pricing, you need to take a lot of factors into account. But perhaps the most crucial aspect of commercial real estate investment in 2020 is the area the property is situated in.

With factors such as local economic growth and individual level of interaction playing major roles in the viability of any commercial property, it is important that you only put your funds towards areas that show significant promise in these areas. A little research goes a long way and helps you get the most out of your investment.

With this in mind, here is a list of the hottest cities offering investment opportunities in commercial real estate in 2020. If you have got funds to invest, looking at this list would help you grow your portfolio in a viable manner.

Austin, Texas

While Austin is mostly known for its achievements in arts, music and culinary segments, its popularity isn’t only limited to those aspects. Within the real estate sector, it is also known as the city with the most potential for growth.

According to PwC, Austin’s unique and popular lifestyle and its commitment to real estate expansion make it one of the most viable cities for commercial real estate investment in 2020. With housing demands increasing on a consistent basis, investing in multi-family homes and entry-level housing is a hot trend that you can also follow easily. But economic growth is also a great indication that investing in office buildings can promise a promising return on investment (ROI). 

Atlanta, Georgia

If Austin is the cultural hub of Texas, then Atlanta is undoubtedly the star of Georgia. Being home to the world’s busiest airport, the city is known for welcoming people from all over the world to its offerings of memorable food and unforgettable music.

When it comes to investment opportunities in commercial real estate, the city has a lot to offer in 2020 with steady economic growth and a significant focus on its tech talent. Viable commercial investment opportunities lie within the housing market, but office buildings aren’t far behind. In fact, the emergence of mixed-use developments that focus on both aspects is an innovative investment model that you would want to look into. 

Boston, Massachusetts

With just a 14 minute drive from the legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston is known all over the world as being the neighbor to one of the most respected universities on the planet.

But that’s not all that Boston is limited to. With its focus on arts, culture, and innovation, the city has also emerged as having an identity of its own. It is a hit among students and graduates from MIT looking for bigger housing in the area, which makes entry-level apartment buildings a great fit for commercial real estate investment in 2020. But apart from that, investing in medium-level real estate can also help you cater to the housing demands of well-paid workers in the city as well. 

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