The Essential Home Gadgets for a Better 2019

Deep inside, you know you need these.

The modern day has its rewards, we’ve never been so surrounded by tech like in the present, and the trend keeps growing. Now, the age of the internet of things (IoT) is right around the corner, meaning that intelligent home appliances will come your way soon. These gadgets will revolutionize our current way of life, making daily tasks quicker, easier and efficiently.

What makes it different this time, is the fact that most of these accessories can stay connected to the web, 24/7, uploading and downloading information, crucial for their outstanding performance, asking you questions and learning more about your preferences. We’ve made a good list of 4 products that your home needs right now, in order to enjoy the twenty-first century at full. Ready? Let’s go! 

Security Comes First

Nobody wants to leave their house open to any danger, that’s why the guys at August invented the Smart Lock Pro+, to provide a modern solution to a timeless problem. With this home gadget there’s no need to get copies, for an increasing number of keys, because digital access now exists. Sounds awesome right? But wait, there’s more.

With this “smart lock”, you can grant electronic permission to friends, visitors or family members, all at distance, and without the need to come over and supervise. The possibility of checking the status of your door via internet, is just priceless, making it a must for any property in 2019. 

Create Your Own Climate

This gadget gives you Thanos-like superpowers, we’re talking about the Nest thermostat, one of the most popular appliances in the world, so famous that even Google bought the company in January 2014, for the whopping amount of US$3.2 billion. Back then it was just a small startup, but now it employs more than 1,000 full-time workers.

This product learns how your house gets heated, and then develops a plan to manage the various temperatures correctly, customizing the overall experience according to the owner’s habits, schedules and needs, saving a lot of energy and money. Know more about it here. 

Natural Light is Life

Have you ever heard the words “smart blind” before? Probably, but I’m pretty sure you’re also thinking about how expensive these can be. Well, not anymore, all thanks to Ikea’s business model, making products more affordable and stylish for everyone. With Ikea’s Smart Blinds you can get that luxury feel, without draining the bank. One thing we absolutely love about this home gadget, is the compatibility with Google home, Alexa and Siri. Are you able to imagine the possibilities?

Always Great, Always Clean 

Product showcase magazine Expert Reviews said “the only robot vacuum to buy”, and they were right, the Dyson 360 Eye is a true time traveler from the future. Relying on a 360-degree camera, hence its name, it can commit to a more comprehensive navigation, all around your house, able to go in every direction it deems necessary.

Comes with a docking station to recharge its batteries, and it also has an app, so you can supervise its performance. It doesn’t use traditional wheels, this one works like war tanks, taking advantage of caterpillar tracks, in order to handle the different types of floors that can coexist inside your home. 

In which house are you going to use all of this? Is that a question you’re repeating to yourself right now? Are you looking for a home to own or to rent? We got you, at REAL HELPERS we’ve built a solid network of specialists, realtors and experts that will guide you through the whole process, simplifying tasks and fulfilling every requirement. Want to know how? Call now to (833) 295 6125, the assistance you were looking for is here.

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