Study: Real Estate Will Be The Top Preferred Investment in This Decade 

In a world that’s looking for yield and growth, real estate investments will reign supreme. 

The consensus among many individuals in the professional investment sector, according to a recent study, is that there is no other alternative when it comes to investments. The main investment types to be in today are cash and real estate.
Individuals look around and note that there are a variety of reasons why other investments may not make as much sense due to excessive levels of debt and or extreme overvaluation.
But the fact of the matter is that there is always opportunity within the world. Indeed, regardless of where you look, you will always find some sort of opportunity that can provide good returns. At the present moment, investment professionals will note that real estate provides a great value.
But what does that mean? How does real estate offer significant value over the next decade? Why is the asset class of real estate so special?
Here is what you need to know when it comes to real estate and why it can be a beacon of light in an investment world that may not provide as much value over the next decade. 

Real Estate and Cash Go Hand in Hand 

Everyone acts like this is a raging bull market but more investors are looking to stay safe and secure their cash and hard earned value. That is why they are increasing their cash and their investments toward real estate.
The reason why they are increasing their position in real estate and cash is because they offer real value. For instance, with real estate, it is a hard asset. Further, real estate is a hard asset that has value to many people. The parties that appreciate real estate are those that want a place to live, to work, and those that want to obtain investment returns as well.
There are various people who are always looking out for ways to earn a living with real estate and so it has a certain level of demand in each market. Conversely, other assets do not have the same characteristics of real estate.
People appreciate cash because it allows them to have an option on what they want to buy. More investors may continue to increase their cash to buy real estate at great prices and then use that to obtain more cash.
As such, you will notice that more people will gravitate to cash alongside their real estate investments to continue to have the option to make more investments and beat inflation.

Inflation is a Large Concern for Investors and People 

It is no surprise that people want to hold onto real estate and purchase more real estate in addition to investing cash securities. The element of inflation is one large problem to worry about today and maybe over the long term as well. While Americans are aware that there is a certain level of inflation present within the markets, they can see that inflation is increasing at an alarming rate.
The change in the rate of inflation worries those in the United States and that is why they are betting on real estate and cash for the next decade. Remember that real estate offers a hedge against inflation and enables one to preserve their value. More individuals in the United States are realizing that the oversupply of money and a boost in economic growth can be quite harmful to wealth preservation.
They see that the value of their paper currency is slowly declining and that is why they are positioning for real estate investments over the next decade.
The world is changing and investors are making sure to put their money in the right assets that are necessary over the next decade. 

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