Pastels Are Back. Here's How Experts Are Using Them 

Easily change up the look of your home. 

Color is an important feature in any home. If you choose the right colors, it can create a sense of relaxation and peace.

The wrong colors can create a sense of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

It is important to remember that there are no right and wrong colors by default. However, what is important, is combining the right colors. It might come as a shock that pastel colors are making a comeback. This might invoke memories of vintage themes.

There is a reason that pastels were popular back in the day. Pastels appear soft and light in direct light. This makes them perfect to have in a home as they provide a relaxing atmosphere.   

Everyone Has Different Opinions When it Comes to Pastels

Some individuals do not prefer pastels because they remind them of childhood memories. For these people, pastel colors will always be associated with being childish. Sometimes pastels are quick to show wear and tear within the home so not practical.

Pastels are quickly taking over the design world. When the pandemic hit a lot of individuals revamped their homes and added pastels. This aided with maintaining an optimistic attitude. Pastels have always been popular in European countries, and for good reason.

Pastels were utilized by royalty in the past. Many well-known pieces of art utilize pastels. Throughout history, pastels have been used to be uplifting in times of distress. In a way, pastels have just come full circle. 

Pastels are Present to Bring Positivity

Pastels are utilized today to create contrast and positivity in a space. These colors are perfect for brightening up a space and creating unique looks. Pastels can be utilized as a base tone or as a complementary color in a room.

Blue and pink are the most common colors that are used. This does not mean that these are the only colors that can be used as other color combinations are great as well.

Pastels typically look best in bathrooms and bedrooms. A practical way to decide what to paint the walls of a room is to look at what you have in your room. Once you see what the common color is in your room, you can pick a similar color. This will help with cohesiveness.

Then, you can choose bedding, curtains, and area rugs in whatever your preferred color is. If you have a landlord that does not want you painting the walls, you can put up removable wallpaper. This is great because you can have the effect that you prefer without breaking your lease agreement

Choose Other Options if Necessary

If you do not want color on your walls, add them to other areas in your room. This can be through decor, accent chairs, and other furniture. If you want to paint your walls, go to a hardware store and look at paint samples.

If at first glance a color strikes you as dull or muddy, carefully reconsider it within your home. This is because these colors can potentially complement your room well.

Once you have decided on a couple of swatches, bring them back to your house.

Move the swatches around to see how they look next to the trim and how they look during various times of the day. Ensure that you compare your colors to their surroundings. Do not compare colors to each other. The main thing is to know what the colors look like in the context of their surroundings not in the context of other swatches.

Pastel colors are making a comeback into the decorator’s market. Keep an open mind to a new color idea to bring warmth and calmness to your home.  
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