7 Spring Decor Ideas That Are Just Great

Surely refreshing!

Soon it will be time to put away the heavy coats and colorful scarves. Spring is about to be in the air! Just as you change your wardrobe to prepare for spring, be sure to change the decor of your home.

How can you start? How can you simplify this change from winter to the spring season?

Let’s find out!

Quickly Clean 

Remember that before making changes to your decor, first, go through your house and do a spring cleaning. This will give you a clean slate to start with. You can then see the areas that are in dire need of attention 

Start with the Pillows 

An easy place to start is with pillows. There are a variety of pillow covers that you can purchase. While you are at it, get a new throw as well.  

Spruce up that Kitchen with Minor Changes 

Be sure to do a quick walk-through of your kitchen and spruce it up. These changes do not have to be large; it can be something as small as changing the handles on your cabinets. That small change will make a big impact.  

Think Flowers for Spring 

Another great change is to place flowers throughout your home.

Is there anyone who is not a fan of flowers? Go wild with flowers because this is the exact time to do so. Not only are flowers great to look at, but they also add a marvelous scent to your house.

There is something about flowers that just scream positivity and starting fresh. It never hurts to have a reminder to be positive and smile. There are so many different types of flowers that you will never have the same flower twice.

Change out the Curtains! 

Change out your curtains for ones that will allow for maximum light to creep through. We want to bask in the sun even if it is from the comfort of our couch. The best thing about curtains is that you can customize them according to your needs.  

Layer It Further with Double Curtains or a Roller Blind 

If you are in a room where you want to have privacy, you can add another layer behind the curtain. If you are not happy with the addition of the layer, look into getting a roller blind.  

How about Cushion Covers and Bed Sheets? 

We discussed changing pillow covers earlier, changing cushion covers and bed sheets is also great. The key is to stick to lighter and brighter shades.  

Replace Essential Elements in Your Kitchen 

Your kitchen is an area where you spend a lot of time. Make changes such as purchasing new cutting boards and adding a rug to make it more welcoming.

When choosing a rug, be sure to get a pattern and texture that will easily hide stains. We want to make decor changes that will make our lives easier. A white or cream rug would not be a good fit for the kitchen.  

Bonus Actions! , Here are a few bonus options. 

Here are a few bonus options. 

Organize your cookbooks in a way that makes them a part of your decor. This means that they serve both as functional items and decor items. Get new placemats and plates. This is the perfect time to throw out those worn and chipped plates and cups.  

Conduct an Assessment First 

Make sure to go through your house and do a good cleaning. This is important because open spaces tend to be more inviting. Inviting is exactly what you want your house to be for all the parties you will be having.

This will set you up for success and show the changes you made.  

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