Michigan Governor Reinstates Tax Exemptions for Solar Installations  

Are renewable energy sources gaining momentum?    

If you live in Michigan and have been thinking long and hard about shifting to clean energy solutions, the recent turn of events might just help you make that decision a reality. According to an official statement from the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, two House and one Senate bill was recently signed into law, effectively exempting solar installations from residential property taxes.

As you might already know, this reinstates the Michigan property tax exemptions which were previously active from 2002 to 2012. Efforts to restore these exemptions went in vain during the tenure of former Governor Rick Snyder, who had vetoed bills that were in favor of the exemptions.

But Snyder’s successor Governor Whitmer, as well as State legislators, were intent on incentivizing clean and renewable energy programs, which eventually resulted in House Bills 4465 and 4069 and Senate Bill 47 being signed into law.  

What Does This Mean for Homeowners? 

If you own a property in Michigan, then you can now invest in solar panel installations for clean energy without having to pay additional property taxes. During the 7-year period where these Michigan property tax exemptions were not in effect, any solar installations contributed to a property’s cash value. As a result, homeowners had to pay additional taxes if they invested in solar installations for renewable energy on their property.

The reinstated exemptions now ensure that you do not have to go through additional expenses in pursuit of clean energy. As long as your renewable energy installations contribute to all or a portion of your property’s energy use, they are exempt from personal property tax.

An added stipulation here is that your solar installations have to produce less than 150 kilowatts (kW). Since an average home installation falls around 12 kW, this limitation is helpful for homeowners while preventing large scale commercial users from taking advantage of the Michigan property tax exemptions. As a homeowner, this allows you to save on your energy bills without having to pay a large amount in property taxes year after year.

A Good Time to Invest In Solar Installations? 

With the evident effects of climate change all around the world, it is quite an understatement to say that renewable energy is crucial in today’s day and age. In a time where cutting our carbon emissions is absolutely necessary, investing in clean energy is imperative for everyone.

The fact that solar installations can help you cut down on your energy bills only adds to the reasons why you should invest in these mechanisms. With these Michigan property tax exemptions, you no longer have to pay additional costs to produce clean energy for your home, which makes a strong case to install solar panels on your property sooner than later.

Similar to building materials such as insulation and roofing, solar installations also add to your property’s overall value. If you are planning to sell your Michigan home, then installing solar energy systems will enhance your property’s value by a large margin. Your home will also have an added advantage for potential buyers, which can help you sell it faster.

With several companies around Michigan currently providing solar installations at nominal costs, it is easier than ever to bring these renewable energy solutions home. The prices are affordable, the process is easy, and the benefits are all there for you to see. With Michigan property tax exemptions going into effect, this is a great time to seriously consider solar installations - as long as you have the funds and feel comfortable in moving ahead with your decision.

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