Earn Extra Money With These Free and Proven Online Platforms

All without the need to leave your home.

Everyone at some moment in their lives, had some serious problems in regards to personal finance, this is pretty common in our economy, where there are dozens of services and accounts to pay each month, so there is nothing extraordinary in having conventional debts that have a notorious impact in our credit history.

Friends and family always suggest to lower your expenses to the most basic needs, but this method has so many setbacks that at the end, we will only be inspired to do more, find more and provide more, until our lifestyle can be sustained thanks to the only limitation we have: Time and willingness to succeed.

Since the advent of the Internet and high-speed connectivity, countless opportunities to make some extra money are at one click of distance, easy to access and most of all, extremely easy to learn. At the moment, you can look for some of the best kept secrets online, companies that are totally interested in your opinion about hundreds of issues, and of course, these will pay you for filling out intuitive surveys. Want to know which ones? Pay attention.


One of the most popular, just by signing up you’ll get $5 bonus. Another interesting fact is that Swagbucks has an outstanding platform that is pretty good at matching you with qualifying surveys that don’t take much of your time, also you won’t need to have thousands of dollars to withdraw.

You’ll need to make 100 SBs to make $1, but don’t worry, every paid survey rewards an amount close to 40 to 200 SB, and your time to get paid is up to 10 business days. So go ahead and start your journey with Swagbucks now. 


Founded in 1996, MyPoints lets you earn gift cards by filling surveys and taking polls, it’s so easy to work with, it also allows you to earn points in multiple sorts of ways by watching videos and taking part on polls. By connecting you with third-party consumer sites, this platform is a promising one that lets you withdraw gift cards from Amazon, Old Navy and Starbucks, so don’t waste more of your time and try it out now.

Survey Junkie 

Getting focused on things takes time, this is not the case for Survey Junkie’s platform, with its clean and accessible look, you will be able to complete the many surveys you want. On this service, 1000 points equal to $10 and the most amazing thing is that you can cash out via PayPal, gift cards, Dwolla or direct deposit. Take the lead and make those extra bucks you wanted.

Don’t expect to become rich by just filling surveys, this is a side hustle and works great if your ambitions are to complement your main income, and to pay certain expenses that don’t have to touch the money you make from your 9 to 5 job. If you manage to have some awesome results at this, you’ll be able not only to work from anywhere at anytime, but also to maintain a positive orientation with your finances. 

The REAL Helpers bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots. In short, our mission is to help people who are struggling to become homeowners and have no way to get ahead of their monthly expenses. We freely offer our service to the people that need it most, with the hope of strengthening our economy one family at a time. 

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