COVID-19 Times: Tour Your Dream Home Using Virtual Showings

Here’s how to stay safe while searching for that perfect listing.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has so far recorded over 722,000 cases worldwide. But as we go through this challenge, it is important to maintain a sense of hope and life on the other side of this pandemic.

Through its virtual home tour tool, the real estate platform Compass is bringing that much-needed sense of normalcy and hope in everyday life. By harnessing the latest technology, the platform aims to help you be safe while helping you focus on future milestones.

How Compass Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

With the U.S. government’s plan to extend its social distancing guidelines to April 30, 2020, it is clear that we will need to cut back from outdoor visits in order to keep ourselves and others safe. But we still have to make sure that we focus on life after the COVID-19 threat is over, which is where Compass’s solution comes in.

Launched in 2012, Compass identifies itself as a real estate platform with a focus on technology. As the coronavirus real estate consequences loom large, Compass’ virtual home tour tool stays in line with the firm’s modern solutions, and aims to mitigate the risks currently circling the market.

In its essence, the virtual tour tool comprises various modern technologies to emulate the experience of a physical tour. Instead of a one-dimensional video showing, Compass’ tool uses virtual reality (VR) and interactive tours to give buyers an immersive experience through their digital screens. Through real-time interactions and live streams, the VR showing can provide you with the effectiveness of on-premises tours, right at your computer or smartphone. 

The Tool Aims to Provide a Real-World Experience in a Virtual Setting

Through its innovative solutions, Compass is ensuring that its realtors can respect social distancing guidelines without having to turn away future buyers. Since the tool uses engaging technologies, it allows homebuyers to take in the complete experience of a listing without setting a foot out of their existing home. This accommodates the coronavirus real estate changes, and keeps everyone safe in these unprecedented times.

One of the unique features of Compass’s solution is the real-time interactive tour. Instead of a point-and-click format that throws the tour’s control to the buyer, the interactive tour lets the realtor execute it to perfection. From showcasing the home’s best features to answering live questions, the realtor can do everything that they can in a real-life showing. This ensures that buyers don’t miss a spot they would have liked to view, and realtors don’t lack an opportunity they would have wanted to benefit from.

The virtual home tour tool is a part of Compass’ Virtual Agent Services (VAS), which are being rolled out country-wide. Apart from virtual tours, it also includes features such as 3D staging, video postcards, and virtual neighborhood walks. Through these products, realtors and homebuyers can go through existing listings and plan future closings without ever putting themselves or their loved ones at risk.

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