9 Very Stylish Wreath Ideas to Include in the Coming Spring 

What a fun way to decorate your home. 

Spring is in the air. This means it is time to pull out the arts and crafts and get creative. A great way to do this is by making wreaths. Yes, wreaths are not just for Christmas decor but are popular for year-round home decor. Wreaths make for a fun and artistic project for spring. 

Wreaths can go in Many Areas 

Adding a wreath increases the warming atmosphere in any home. They are both decorative and elegant. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a wreath only belongs on your front door. This could not be further from the truth. A wreath can be used in many rooms. You could put one in each room of your home if you feel like doing so.

Wreaths Serve as a Centerpiece 

They can be a centerpiece for a table or could be placed on your living room mantle.  

Bond with Your Family When Creating Wreaths 

Creating wreaths is a project that the whole family can enjoy. Not only will you be making something beautiful, but you will be bonding with your family. Keep reading for ideas on various types of wreaths.  

Think about Tire Wreaths 

If your house has a ranch or farm vibe then a tire wreath would be perfect. You could use some twine-appearing rope to hang it. Once it is hung, fill it with flowers.

Use Easter Items to Create Wreaths 

It would not be spring without Easter. Did you know that you could create a wreath from moss, Easter eggs, and flowers? These are not only unique but allow you to repurpose those painted Easter eggs.

Tulip Wreaths 

Another common theme in spring is rain. Rain allows for the growth of flowers such as tulips. A beautiful fact about tulips is that you can get them in a plethora of colors. Use a mixture of tulips to make a rainbow wreath. A rainbow wreath is a unique wreath that is sure to be a statement piece.  

The Wood Chalkboard Wreath 

Want a way to decorate, but also leave uplifting messages? A wood chalkboard wreath is perfect for you. Not only is this an extremely cute idea but it is also functional. A way to incorporate a unique flower and make a beautiful wreath is to use Lily of the Valley. A child playing dress up will enjoy this wreath. We are all fans of multi-functional pieces!  

Entryway Wreaths 

A great way to add seasonal decor to your entryway is a wreath, especially if it has a rustic flair. Add a ribbon to this wreath and hang it over your door. This will make your guests feel welcome.

Flowers Stenciled Into the Wreath 

If you want a challenging wreath project, make a wreath with flowers that are stenciled. Not only will you have an excellent wreath, but you might realize you had an artistic side all along. This wreath can be displayed year after year.  

The Ideas Are Endless 

If you have little ones, you could make a wreath out of things that they enjoy. You would start with a plain wreath as your base. Then hot glue cute trinkets onto it. If you just planted all your plants and are wondering what to do with the packs, make a wreath! This wreath not only shows off a hobby of yours, but it is sure to be a conversation starter.                

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