8 Decor Ideas to Save for Christmas Time 

Holiday displays are excellent ways to change your decor. 

We are excited to have the holidays come around as they can bring good times and many memories. Many people look forward to the holiday season because it encourages people to get together.

At the same time, Christmas also offers an opportunity for creativity in people. This inspiration is present in the decorations that individuals can incorporate in their homes.

Here are a few decor ideas to save for Christmas time. 

Start with the Fireplace 

A fireplace mantle or ledge is one of the best places to place holiday decorations. You can decorate based on your personality. This means you can go with a simple classy design or do something fancy.  

Green and Red are Excellent Colors 

For Christmas, green and red are the most prevalent colors. Ensure that your decorations are balanced with your Christmas tree. The decorations should complement your Christmas tree.  

Pine Wreaths will Work Well 

Pine wreaths and mixed-media garlands can add depth and dimension to your mantle. Real evergreen branches will add the classic Christmas scent to your home. Imitation greenery can be stored away and used year after year.

Faux Fur Deer can be Exquisite 

Incorporate pieces such as faux fur deer for a whimsical look. Not only does this give you woodland-inspired decor, but it also adds an element of wildlife to your decor. This is ideal if you want to avoid the typical red and green decorations typically seen during Christmas.  

Table Centerpieces can be an Important Addition 

If you are a fan of table centerpieces, think of getting a candelabra. The golden or crystal accents will make an excellent focal point as well as add a bit elegance to your tablescape.  

Add Faux Snow  

Adding faux snow to your fireplace display will quickly take any visitors on a magical ride to a winter wonderland while enhancing your holiday figurines, snow globes, and candles. Don’t forget to add the twinkling lights. 

Wreaths Present Several Opportunities 

Wreaths are an excellent addition to the decor. Not only are they minimal maintenance, but they also allow you to keep things simple while being festive. A bonus with a wreath is that they add a scent to your home.  

Never Forget about the Lights 

Adding lights is yet another wonderful way to change up your decor. If possible, get lights that have jingle bells attached. Many lights sets are available with batteries which allows much more versatility.  

Candles can be Excellent for the Senses 

In addition, candles are a great way to add scents and light to your home. The great thing about candles is that you can get a scent that matches your personality. Be careful with candles if you have small children and pets. 

Find Bottlebrush Trees 

If you can locate a bottlebrush trees, keep it to add to your home. These can be added almost anywhere in your home. They often come with a round wooden base, so you don't have to account for extra steps to stabilize them.  

 Add an advent calendar 

If you have little ones, consider getting an advent calendar. These often have a holiday-themed background and boxes with the days of the month on them. The little ones will love counting down to Christmas opening the surprise boxes each day until the main event.

This would add an excellent touch to any table or countertop. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, you can often get a calendar with a wooden theme.

Stockings Are Fun! 

Any mantle without stockings is naked. Ensure to get plenty of stockings in diverse colors to attract attention to your mantle. You can get stocking holders that are often themed themselves.

Stocking holders also make decorating easy as they will easily hold up your stockings with little effort. If you use a stocking holder, you won't have to worry about your stockings potentially falling.   

Bonus: Outdoor Decor 

When looking at decor, don’t limit your ideas to inside the home. Outdoor decor is also essential as well. There are many ways to light up the outdoors and add some fun outside. These ideas range from lights to doormats, wreaths and outdoor inflatables. 

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