7 Father's Day Gifts to Make Quarantining Easier for Your Dad

Home improvement has never been so joyful.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) putting a question mark on outdoor recreational activities, regular Father’s Day traditions are a no go this year. Making reservations for a nice dinner is difficult. Buying sports tickets is out of the question. And taking a road trip comes with its own risks.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be scrambling for the best gift ideas for dad. What exactly do you buy when he’s stuck at home?

That’s where home improvement comes in to save the day.

Think about it. What’s the one thing dads love while having some free time on their hands? Enjoying their home in all its glory, that’s what. By looking into relevant choices for Father’s Day gift ideas, you can give your dad the pick me up he needs during COVID-19 safety measures. 

To help you find the perfect present, here are 7 Father’s Day gifts for the most special man in your life. 

1. Remote Adjustable Bed Frame 

If your dad likes his furniture being aligned to his preferences but also enjoys relaxing by himself with a good book in his bed, then this remote adjustable bed frame might be the perfect combination between “treat yourself” and “DIY King.”  

2. Home Gardening Supplies 

If your father is a green thumb, giving him the gift of home gardening items may be a great idea. Indoor gardening kits, outdoor gardening supplies, and even some new plants can keep him company through COVID-19 lockdown.  

3. New Bathroom Fixtures 

Any DIY enthusiast knows how to fix common plumbing fixtures, which makes them some of the best gift ideas for dad. From futuristic shower heads to automatic faucets, you can make your pick of the litter with the confidence that it will be enjoyed by your dad.

4. Kitchen Cabinets 

While kitchen cabinets can be complex to install for a regular homeowner, they are a piece of cake for a DIY aficionado. If your dad has been looking for a kitchen upgrade, buying a set of kitchen cabinets may make for a unique yet exciting Father’s Day gift. If he needs some help putting it altogether, you can also hire essential contractors for support.

5. Armchairs and Seating 

Buying a comfy and relaxing armchair for your father is such an obvious choice that it can ironically get overlooked often. If your dad already happens to have a favorite armchair at home, you can replace this idea with some accent chairs or bar stools instead.

6. Carpet Cleaning 

Giving your dad the present of a cleaner and fresher home is yet another one of those Father’s Day gift ideas that stand out due to their uniqueness. The best part? This particular gift will also help him keep healthier at a time when it’s most important, which also makes it a practical choice. 

7. Laundry Appliances 

While professional clothing is rarely being used by many people who are at home during the pandemic, the chore of doing laundry still stands as it always did. By giving your father a top loading washer, you can help him find some ease in this mundane task.

With these unique ideas, you can easily find something that brings that much needed smile to your dad’s face. Just make sure to keep his personal preferences in mind, and you can make this unprecedented Father’s Day memorable for all the positive reasons. 

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