6 Great Halloween Decor Ideas Inspired by Disney

These decor ideas are scary but not too frightening. 

Are you a fan of both Disney and Halloween? Then you’re in the right place; Disney has quite a few costumes and seasonal accessory options on its website. They also offer home decor.

But not only about what the brand can provide on its website. It is about gaining inspiration. For instance, you can tap into the creativity provided by Disney and use that to purchase costumes and decor.

You can benefit from multiple decor options thanks to the various costume shops and online decor entities.

While the home decor does not have a large variety, there are still plenty of options. You may find something that catches your eye and makes a great addition to your home.

The following points will help us understand Halloween decor at its best.

A Wide Variety of Options Makes for Excellent Distinction 

Do not be afraid of having the same decor as your neighbor. While Disney offers classic Halloween decorations, you can easily customize these to make them a bit scarier or unique to your house. Do not worry about spending too much money, as you can find affordable decor pieces. Many of these items can also be multi-functional, so they will pay for themselves, as you will get plenty of use over the years. 

Porcelain Trays  

You can purchase a porcelain tray that is Halloween-themed. These trays typically have varying Disney-oriented images on them. These trays can be utilized as coasters or can serve as art. Be sure to look at the care instructions, as porcelain might require hand washing.  

Wooden Display Stands 

Many Disney Halloween-themed pieces come with wooden display stands. This stand is often a neutral piece, so that it can be used at any time throughout the year. Disney has you covered if you want decor that will last from Halloween to Christmas. 

Countdown Clock Calendar

You can get a countdown clock calendar that will count down to Christmas. This might be a fun one, especially if you have kids. It would be a great, interactive way to countdown to Christmas.  

Dinnerware Options 

If you like dinnerware, think of getting a Halloween-themed plate set. It is sure to be a hit when you have company. These could also serve as decor in a china cabinet. Typically, these plates will have scenes from a Disney-related movie. This can be a fun treat for guests to try to guess what movie your set is from.  

Candles are Fantastic Additions 

A candle is a beautiful way to add seasonal decor to your house. The best thing about candles is that you get a two-for-one since you also get a seasonal scent. Also, once the candle has burned, you can repurpose the container as a trinket dish. This would mean that you are stretching out your money and that you can reuse this decor for many years.  

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