6 Brilliant Organization Ideas for Your Laundry Closet 

Wash the clutter away with these ingenious decor tips. 

No matter the size or type of home you live in, organizing your surroundings ensures an unmistakable sense of serenity. This is especially true if the streamlined arrangement takes place in rooms that otherwise fall prey to clutter.

Since laundry room decor is often affected by untidiness, it is also the ideal candidate for executing these organization techniques. Putting choice tips into effect not only helps you arrange your laundry space, but also ensures the utmost convenience during chores.

To help you benefit from these decor hacks, here are 6 creative organization ideas for your laundry closet.

Add a Peg Board

Peg boards are considered a staple in garages and workshops. But their use is not limited to these spaces. By adding a peg board to your laundry closet, you can easily use it for storing different equipment. From your ironing board to excess clothes hangers, this clever addition can arrange otherwise difficult items in an organized way. This also gives you more space for storing other items more easily.  

Use Baskets on Shelves

Your laundry closet may already have shelves as part of your laundry room decor. But storing detergents, clothespins, and sewing supplies might bring a sense of disarray to them. To steer clear of this jumble, you can use baskets over your shelves. These wicker and plastic baskets can hold all the clutter in one place. As a result, they can help you keep your closet organized at all times. 

Invest in a Drying Rack 

To give you a headstart on organization ideas for your laundry closet, these spaces often come with pre-installed drying racks. But if your house or apartment does not have that feature, you can easily add it atop your appliances. This provides you with a dedicated space to put your clothes away during laundry routines. With it, it also adds yet another shelf to use when you are not doing laundry.

Install a Door Rack

If your laundry room decor is complemented by a door, you have the perfect additional space for your organization spree. You can install a small peg board or a set of hooks on the back of the door. If you have sufficient space, you can also add shelves to it. Add some baskets, and you have a whole new nook to store plenty of supplies.

Get a Rolling Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are essential for any home, at least for the ones that don’t want to look like a mess. Apart from offering additional storage space, they make it easier for you to move clothes back and forth from laundry. You can also select these laundry baskets in a variety of sizes and materials. This makes this critical equipment one of the best organization ideas for your laundry closet.

Utilize Clear Containers

Don’t want to spend a chunk of your laundry time finding cleaning products? The answer is simple: make it a point to use clear containers. By storing your detergent and pods in transparent containers, you can easily find them without browsing through labels. Apart from functionality, these containers also bring tons of aesthetic to the table. This also elevates your otherwise small laundry space into a more decorated area.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the most out of your laundry room. As long as you arrange these items in a streamlined fashion, they can bring significant convenience to your laundry routine.  

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