5 Small Scale Landscaping Tips You Need to Try Now

Who said you need a large backyard to succeed?

With the tiny home movement picking up traction, those who harbor a love for nature have quite a few things to consider. While small living spaces are more environmentally friendly than the average single home in the United States, they are also quite constricted in terms of free space. This limitation doesn’t only exist in their interiors, but also expands into areas such as the backyard and front lawn.

However, this calculated approach doesn’t mean that you are unable to use your creativity to get a visually striking garden. With a few tried and tested tips, you can get the most out of your small backyard landscaping and gardening practices.

Interested to learn more? These 5 tips to decorate a small garden are here to help.

1. Hire a Landscape Designer 

Ever started writing on a sign only to run out of space? That is exactly what happens when you start landscaping in a small area without a proper plan. To make sure you don’t go down the route of bad judgement, you should hire a professional to design your landscape from scratch.

This approach gives you a detailed design plan to follow with whatever space you have available. As a result, you can create a well-planned backyard or garden with plenty of design opportunities to boot. 

2. Make a List of Things You Want Most 

Whether you like a particular type of plant or want a certain scent of flowers filling your small garden, being aware of your needs goes a long way.

Here, you can make a list of items you really want to see adorning your garden or backyard. This ensures that your small backyard landscaping delivers what you need. If you are tight on funds, prioritizing this list on the level of how much you want an item also helps you stay within your budget.

3. Create a Centerpiece Within Your Small Space 

One of the most important yet often ignored tips to decorate a small garden is to create a focal point in it. Despite the small area that you are working with, it is immensely important that you have a center of attention in your garden or backyard to tie everything together.

From a small rock formation to a charming hammock, it could be anything that fits your aesthetic without looking out of place in the overall design. As long as you follow this approach, you can provide a striking look to a backyard of any size. 

4. Don’t Forget to Layer Up 

Another way to elevate a small space is by the usage of different layers. This creates an illusion of a larger space while also giving you the chance to add more diversity to your landscaping.

Planting taller plants against your home’s wall and shorter plants right in front of them takes this layered approach to the next level. Using hanging plants by the end of your roof and larger bushes near the corners also goes a long way. If you have windows facing out towards your backyard, you can also place a few pots on your windowsill.

5. Forgo the Grass 

Lush green lawns often take a lot of time, funds and water to maintain their look. This seems like a waste to anyone with an environmentally friendly approach. But it holds an even more profound meaning to those who are working with limited resources.

If you have a small space, it is prudent to let go of the grass and focus on other landscaping practices. This doesn’t only conserve water, but also gives you plenty of chances to use the space for outdoor activities. With proper small backyard landscaping practices, your garden can look just as appealing even without a large patch of grass to maintain. If you are big on lawns, you can still maintain a smaller area with limited grass on it.

These tips to decorate a small garden can help you get optimal value out of your tiny living landscaping without breaking the bank. If you are looking for further information, reaching out to a professional is the way to go. 
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