5 Color Combinations for Home Decor That are Trendy Right Now 

These decor tips will revamp your space. 

Regardless of your house's stage, making changes and updating it is an exhilarating process. It is a beautiful process because we all like to refresh our housing situation.

The right type of change can positively impact our lives in many ways. Many can relate that the right changes in our space can help us improve our mental well-being.

Often the exterior of your home is something that has been predetermined which means that you cannot make changes. The inside of your house, however, is entirely up to you. You can create as many changes as you want and truly personalize them. The goal with decor should be to have a home that mirrors your personality.

Let us look at a few wonderful color combinations in home decor. 

Choose the Right Colors for Best Results 

Choosing colors is an integral part of the decor process. Ideally, the colors that you select will withstand the test of time. This would make them highly functional. For example, you would not want to choose a color simply because it is in trend. Doing this could mean you must select new colors in six months when the movement is no longer in style. The right color combinations will result in a classic and modern home.  

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Utilizing bright colors with a dark background is an excellent way to achieve a modern look. This can be tricky to do, however. Achieving this will require a balance of light and dark colors.  

Lighter Ceilings and Dark Walls 

An excellent way to do this is by having your ceilings painted light and then painting your walls in a dark color. Getting the color of your doors to match the paint on the walls will help create a uniform look. To add a bit of intrigue and break up the colors more, add design pieces with intense colors. Examples of pigments for design pieces are turquoise, purple, and pink. These pieces will help the background pop even more.

Beige and Red Colors 

Another color combination to use is beige and red. This is because bright colors will create more space. Beige is an excellent option if you want to avoid the color white.

Not only is beige relaxing, but since it is a neutral color, your design possibilities are endless. Beige will complement intense colors such as red very well.

Even incorporating beige into your furniture would be a significant step to excellent decor.  

Complementary Colors 

Complementary colors are always a go-to for decor. This is because they are tried and true and have been used by interior decorators for decades.

In addition, complementary colors are an excellent way to venture out safely. For example, green and red are complementary colors.

Think Unified Looks 

These colors are in opposite palettes, which will help create a unified look. Ensure to keep these colors subtle. If you go for shades that are too bright, it can create a feeling of anxiety.     

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