4 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That You Need to Know 

Brightening the room while requiring little care. 

It takes work to have a green thumb and that is why many people may have the opposite of a green thumb. It is certain that many people envy those with green thumbs.
Those with green thumbs can take a wide variety of plants and grow them into strong, robust, and healthy plants. You may stand by and gaze at the wonders of their hard work and effort as their plants provide fruits, vegetables, and beauty within and outside of their homes.
You can also have a green thumb with less work to maintain some plants to keep them alive. There are many household plants that can brighten the room and give joy that do not require as much care. The trick is to know what these plants are and to place in the right spots in your home for the best results.
Yes, the truth is that anyone can have a green thumb if they choose the right plants. Here is what you must know about the houseplants that will survive long into the future.

Try Fiddle Leaf Figs 

Homeowners everywhere love fiddle leaf figs for their homes because of the simplicity that this plant brings to their home. This plant pairs well with many types of interior design and adds value to many people’s homes.
Fiddle leaf fig plants are fantastic to look at as they come with wide leaves. If one takes care of them, they can grow to at least six feet or more. These fiddle leaf fig plants come with a huge presence and make their mark within any setting.
A few individuals might have issues with this plant but these houseplants are generally low maintenance.
You can care for this plant by giving it two glasses of water every seven days. You can give it a little bit of nourishment with the right product once a year and be good to go! 

The Wonderful Philodendron 

The wonderful philodendron is a wonderful houseplant. It is a grower in the sense that it will trail the general area instead of shooting straight up. You can find it in several forms and it offers beauty to your home.
It is easy to care for these plants too, merely place them in areas with indirect sunlight and ensure to keep in a low humidity environment. Did you also know that you can add more of these plants by cutting one stem and then planting it in a pot? Before you know it, you can have a house full of these philodendrons.
Also, you do not have to water it every day. Just give it a little water every week. 

Get Pothos 

If you like plants with cool names, then Pothos is for you. This is another plant that asks so little of you but certainly can add a little bit of green to your living room or office environment. If you are interested in a plant that requires little watering, minimal care, and just a bit of sunlight, then Pothos is for you. People like the Pothos because they can grow it in water and in soil pots as well. Restrict children and pets from eating Pothos as well as many other houseplants, as it can make them sick.

The Spider Plant

People love to use spider plants within their homes. The spider plant offers texture, a mix of colors between green and yellow and will certainly make a great addition to your kitchen or living room. People like to hang this houseplant up and watch it grow as its leaves tend to become somewhat vine-like and spill over.
Water well each week and they will stay alive for a while! 

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